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2024 APC National Pie Championships Guidelines

To enter a pie, please click on "start application" link above, log in and complete the form as instructed.

    Commercial Bakers
    Members Entry Fees - $175/pie entry
    Non Members - $275/pie entry
    After 4/15/2024 addt’l $100 fee

    Independent Bakers
    Member Entry Fees - $50/pie entry
    Non Members - $100/pie entry
    After 4/15/2024 addt’l $50 fee 

    Amateur Bakers
    Members Entry Fees - $25/ pie entry
    Non Members - $40/pie entry
    After 4/15/2024 addt’l $50 fee 

    Professional Bakers
    Members Entry Fees - $30/ pie entry
    Non Members - $45/pie entry
    After 4/15/2024 addt’l $50 fee

    Commercial Categories and Information:

    • Family and NSA Family wholesale cost under $5.00 (indicate flavors)
    • Premium and NSA Premium  wholesale cost under $7.00 (indicate flavors)
    • Gourmet and NSA Gourmet wholesale cost under $9.00 (indicate flavors)
    • S-Gourmet and NSA S-Gourmet wholesale cost over $9.00 (indicate flavors)
    • Hand Finished Pies (any hand finished fresh fruit pie that is not Super-Gourmet) Wholesale cost is determined by the total ingredients, labor, packaging, fob plant.
    • Portion Control Pies (Flavors same as NSA plus savory pie)
      • Single serving slice                  
      • Hand-held
      • 4”-6” pie
    • Independent and NSA Independent – Independent Bakers only (Sales under $1MM)
    • For commercial entrants, please bring two of each of your pies to the competition.  One will be judged: the second will be placed on our pie display table in the Magnolia Ballroom grouped together with your company name so that entrants can view each others’ pies.
    • Dessert pies entered must have a bottom and side crust.  Savory pies need not have both. 
    • All pies entered in the competition should be submitted baked as they are sold to the consumer.   
    • Pies must be in production.
    • With the exception of the Super Gourmet Category, no hand decorating or finishing will be allowed with the exception of egg wash, toppings, that come with the pie in a standard package or pies that are sold topped with fresh fruit on machine filled bases.
    • There will be no limit to the number of pies any one contestant may enter in a flavor per category, however, the same formula can be entered only once in a category.
    • Ribbons may not be awarded in flavor categories with only one contestant.  Evaluations, however, will be provided.
    • Baked Dairy includes custard, chess, sugar cream, etc.
    • Use the predominant fruit/flavor in the entry to determine correct flavor category.
    • For Commercial Entrants, there are four sponsored flavor categories that are free of charge to enter.
    • NSA - No sugar added.  NSA or “no added sugars” means the item cannot be processed with any sugar or sugar-containing ingredients, though it can have sugar alcohol or artificial sweeteners.

    Evaluation of Pies

    • First Impression:  Pre-slice score – Includes appearance and consistency of crust or topping.  After- slice score – Based on degree of appropriate runniness, juiciness or firmness. Overall appearance -aroma, first taste, etc.
    • ·A Closer Look:  Flavor – Strength and balance of flavor appropriate for type of pie; balance of sweet and/or tartness.  Peripheral flavors should be balanced with main ingredient of pie.
    • Mouthfeel:  Appropriate consistency, i.e. thick, thin, smooth, creamy, versus chalky, mushy, runny, dry, sticky, etc. should be considered when appropriate. Crust – Flaky or mealy.  Aftertaste – Pleasant or unpleasant
    • Overall Appeal:  After scoring for appearance and taste, how impressive was it, how appealing and memorable.
    • Creativity:  (Only for Best New Product) – How creative is this pie?


    Pies may be disqualified if entered into the incorrect flavor and/or category.  Rules are subject to change.  The decision of the judges is final.  All fees must be paid by April 26, 2024.