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2023 APC National Pie Championships Judge Sign up Form: Start Application


2023 APC Commercial and Independent Baker National Pie Championships Guidelines

Commercial Categories:

  • Family and NSA Family wholesale cost under $5.00 (indicate flavors)
  • Premium and NSA Premium  wholesale cost under $7.00 (indicate flavors)
  • Gourmet and NSA Gourmet wholesale cost under $9.00 (indicate flavors)
  • S-Gourmet and NSA S-Gourmet wholesale cost over $9.00 (indicate flavors)
  • Hand Finished Pies (any hand finished fresh fruit pie that is not Super-Gourmet) Wholesale cost is determined by the total ingredients, labor, packaging, fob plant.
  • Portion Control Pies (Flavors same as NSA plus savory pie)
    • Single serving slice                  
    • Hand-held
    • 4”-6” pie
  • Independent and NSA Independent – Independent Bakers only (Sales under $1MM)


Commercial Members Entry Fees - $175/pie entry
Non Members - $275/pie entry
After 4/15/2023 addt’l $100 fee

Independent Baker Entry Form - $50/pie entry
Non Members - $100/pie entry
After 4/15/2023 addt’l $50 fee


  • To enter a pie, fill out the required information on the entry page.  Enter the name of the pie entered and then select the top category to determine which category you are entering, the next category selection is to select the flavor.  Next indicate if you are a commercial member or an independent baker and whether or not you are a member.  Then select add to cart.  The next page gives you the choice of checking out or submitting another pie.  In addition you can print out all of your submissions.  On the next page you can print off your invoice and submit that via your accounting department. 
  • Dessert pies entered must have a bottom and side crust.  Savory pies need not have both. 
  • All pies entered in the competition should be submitted baked as they are sold to the consumer.   
  • Pies must be in production with the exception of Best New Product. 
  • With the exception of the Super Gourmet Category, no hand decorating or finishing will be allowed with the exception of egg wash, toppings, that come with the pie in a standard package or pies that are sold topped with fresh fruit on machine filled bases.
  • There will be no limit to the number of pies any one contestant may enter in a flavor per category, however, the same formula can be entered only once in a category.
  • Ribbons may not be awarded in flavor categories with only one contestant.  Evaluations, however, will be provided.
  • Baked Dairy includes custard, chess, sugar cream, etc.
  • Use the predominant fruit/flavor in the entry to determine correct flavor category.
  • The Guittard Chocolate Category is a Guittard sponsored category and free of charge to enter.  Once you enter, Guittard will send you the chocolate required to make this pie.  It can be handmade and need not be in production to be entered.  All of these pies will be entered in the Super Gourmet or Independent category, regardless of the cost. 


Evaluation of Pies

  • First Impression:  Pre-slice score – Includes appearance and consistency of crust or topping.  After- slice score – Based on degree of appropriate runniness, juiciness or firmness. Overall appearance -aroma, first taste, etc.
  • ·A Closer Look:  Flavor – Strength and balance of flavor appropriate for type of pie; balance of sweet and/or tartness.  Peripheral flavors should be balanced with main ingredient of pie.
  • Mouthfeel:  Appropriate consistency, i.e. thick, thin, smooth, creamy, versus chalky, mushy, runny, dry, sticky, etc. should be considered when appropriate. Crust – Flaky or mealy.  Aftertaste – Pleasant or unpleasant
  • Overall Appeal:  After scoring for appearance and taste, how impressive was it, how appealing and memorable.
  • Creativity:  (Only for Best New Product) – How creative is this pie?


Pies may be disqualified if entered into the incorrect flavor and/or category.  Please bring two of the same pie for every entry for display purposes.  Rules are subject to change.  The decision of the judges is final.  All fees must be paid by April 28, 2023.